Hey all, So real fast, I have gotten into designing t shirts.  My first batch will be dedicated to fellow paratroopers. I have a couple of them in mind. I just got Serif graphic design software and Gimp2 photo software. I am am just trying to learn them.  This week I will role them out to be purchased on TeeSpring.com  There will actually be a line of t shirts geared toward paratrooper and the military.  I know the first one I am rolling out will be a big seller because I tested it out with the guys I served with in the 82nd Airborne Division.  I do paratrooper apparel.

So I am sitting here in front of you. 28 Sept 2015

So I need to start writing. Why? Because at my core I am a writer. I know I do not put any effort into it, but none the less, I am a writer. Then after that follows being a filmmaker, painter, all around artist.  I look inside mind and there are so many things to write about. That is why I have 3 blogs. So I am making the commitment to write and to write a lot, as well as read a lot. We should all be avid readers. Don’t you agree.

So what here is what is up with me. I am doing research for my film on sex trafficking and combat veteran issues.  Why so much research? Because, I want to be an expert on these subjects so that I may speak with authority.  I also want to start advocating on these 2 subjects.  I am going to be contacting Tampa Police Department to see what they are doing in regards of fighting sex trafficking in Tampa. Which by the way, is a major hub for child sex trafficking. I am just finishing up Holly Austin Smith’s book Walking Prey. I strongly recommend you read it. Especially if you deal with children.


And now something funny from the Boondocks.

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My other blogs

Hey in case you didn’t know I have two other blogs: the first is My Journey into Film,   which is a my film and art blog  and then  Notes from Outpost 187 which is a social and political blog.  I hope you will enjoy them both.

So here in the Tampa Bay area we have the Dali museum in St Petersburg, and right now they are having an exhibition of Pablo Picasso works. It is really good, however I wish they had more of Picasso’s, but none the less it was good. Picasso and Dali were great friends who competed with each other over the course of their careers, so it is really nice to see the progression in each others work. If you are in the bay area or want to take a get away here I strongly suggest you go and check it out.


Advanced Style.

I am really looking forward to seeing the movie Advanced Style, a documentary about older women who dress fabulously. Just becuase you get old doesn’t mean you have to look or feel it. This documentary come out of the blog   Advanced Style, and is directed by Lina Plioplyte

Men you should also take a page dress great when you get older. The older the classier.


A few of Fashion Tumblr Blogs I just found. 9/17/14

I was just kicking around on tumblr  when I came across these these blogs.





I think  the last two are really interesting.  Tell me what you think.






So one of the things in this blog I will be writing about is fashion and the many different styles that are out there; I will also cover hair styles as well as hygiene and grooming for men, which is important.  I will turn you onto other writers and sites that I think will benefit you. Like for instance “He Spoke Style” by Brian Sacawa, which is a great blog. It gives you really good ideas on styles that has a lot class.  Yes, for many of you, like me, you can’t afford the outfits that he his sporting, but here is the thing, it gives you ideas that you can incorporate into your wardrobe while Balling on a budget, like I do. Remember just because you may not have a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to look it.

Now a lot of the blogs for men out there seem to cater to men who have very good disposable income. But if you take those ideas and have a little creativity you can look great and have a unique style; which ,is  what you should be going for. Also this blog, I will cover many different styles that you can pick and choose from. For me, the way I look depends on what I have to doing or who I’m meeting and how do I feel that day.  It’s that simple.

So, I really hope you dig what I have to share with you about fashion and taking care of yourself, and if you benefit from it let me know. If you have Ideas or want me to cover something send me a message. I’ll be glad to take your suggestions and write about them.

Hope you enjoy.