Combat shape

Someone asked when I posted my goals for this year “what is combat shape?”  Good question.

To me it if full body shape: Upper lower and core.  And they need to be very strong. But it is also about endurance. That is one thing that you need if you  are in the 82nd, Ranger Batt or  an operator.

Strength to do what ever task is before you and the ability to go and go and go.  That is why we do 12+ mile road marches.  That is why we train so damn hard in the worst conditions. That is why we suffer so Goddamn much.  That is why in 2 degree weather,  were training today at Fort Bragg or  or 40 degrees with heavy downpour. To build up endurance.

I am going to be carrying a 50 lb around my neighborhood like a crazy person. It is a complete body workout plus I am building up endurance.

I hope that answers your question.


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