Ok I have to say this but NFL players a pussy’s.  Today Tampa lost 48-3.  Did you know that teams that play a Monday night game and then play on the opposite side of the country have a 2 % chance of winning? Really??? Are you serious.

I get the feeling that if you put these guy into Ranger School they would Die.  And Die quick.  I wish I could put some of them to that challenge. Hey OT you want to take up that offer. I am sure the Army would accommodate this offer.

Do you think these players could survive on 1 meal a day and 2 hours of sleep for 8 weeks?????


Doubt it.

Oh the it’s Sunday

Ah it is Sunday and that means football. More specifically BUCS BALL.

So the Bucs are in San Fran for a 4pm game. They played Monday night and this week are playing an away game on the West coast.  Did you know that teams that play Monday night and then have an away game the next Sunday only have a 10% chance of winning?  Here is my take on that. Players get paid way to much to loose 90% of the time away after they play a Monday night. I get the feeling these guys would last the first day of Ranger School.  I would love to take them on a12 mile road march.

So what else is going on. Ah I am staring a blog about politics. Some of you will be happy while others will send angry old people to attack me with their medicaid prescribe Cains.  Hi Tea party.  Kisses. Love you mean it. There is a lot to talk about and I have a lot to say.  We are living at in an interesting time. There is finally  push back to  artistically  in this country.And we should all be apart of it.

Oh  on this Blog look out for my friend Jonah Jacobs and Bryan Childs guest blog post.  Yes you guys get to write something for my blog. If you don’t I will replace your organs with plastic ones. See how you fair with those.